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Poem By Sinnaminsun Sinnaminsun

Truth's not always freeing
while its stiring from within,
Time's not always fleeting
when it's dragging with a grin.

Struck within a flame
and holding from afar,
Dangling on the edge
as love becomes one's scar.

When did the skies
turn a paler blue,
Was it when love's light
faded from my view?

Don't have the words
for what I need to say,
Just grown tired of rules
for games I never play.

Will my flame burn on
and never once go out,
As the tears now fall
I drown in pools of doubt...

Keep holding strong
through coming days,
Still deep inside
sorrow seems to play.

Live in the moment
move within its sway,
Go with the notion
love will show some day.

Heartache like a fever's
got to break before it's gone,
And faith like a river
is gonna carry me along.


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