Carry Me Home

The journey is over, my work is done,
Gone are the days when I used to run
Searching for everything under the sun.....
I'm ready, please carry me home;

I've come to the end of all that I know,
The long road has ended, there's no place to go,
My garden no longer has seeds to sow.....
I'm ready, please carry me home;

Family and friends I leave behind,
Along the roads my life did wind,
New horizons I'm off to find.....
I'm ready, please carry me home;

I'm ready to leave this mortal life,
Close the door on pain and strife,
Sever this cord with your golden knife.....
I'm ready, please carry me home;

Carry me home on angel wings
Over the rainbow where bluebirds sing,
Beyond this realm of material things.....
I'm ready, please carry me home.

*written for my dear friend's husband who passed away yesterday morning after a long battle with Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer.

by Linda Ori

Comments (5)

This poem is written so beautifully and reveals the image of crossing over. In our modern culture we still are caught up in that belief that dead is something to fear.10+
A beautifull way to express in words..
Sadness happiness are the devine design......Going home is a good prayer from the poets heart to free the one suffering.Poem is sad.Well written
Sad indeed! Home is the best place in this mysterious World but one day we have to abandon as per rules?
Linda, this is a sad poem. I have recently lost a brother-in-law with the same debilitating disease that tears away the mortal fibre of anyone who has it. We can only take heart that they are no longer in pain. Top marks and thanks for sharing this with us my friend. Hugs David