Cars On A Highway

Poem By Black Moonlight

Hundreds of cars
rushing faster then life was meant to be.
A man stands
on the side of the road,
watching them fly by.
A truck driver smokes a cigarette
and dangles his beefy hand out a window.
A blonde woman in a convertible
screams into her cellphone.
An overweight lady fusses over her dog
and crams donuts in her mouth.
A man with a bushy mustache
fiddles with a broken radio.
A woman with tired eyes
turns to yell at her bickering children.
The man on the sidewalk
observes them all.
A snapshot of their lives.
Scanning the back cover of a book,
but never reading the story.
The man tilts his head, amused.
He turns and walks away,
the morning fog swallows him up.
He is never seen again.

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