Carve Out Figure

Carve out future

I am afraid not to die
Yet I try
On adventurous path
Even though that may always be inviting death

Who is not afraid?
When true things are said
You will collapse
When hearing the news of demise

It is not with all
Many accept it as natural call
Whoever has taken birth?
He or she has to live with fear of death

Even though I had joined in Airforce
And retired with promising sources
I am yet to learn the shock of death
As life is still struck on thorn path

But I shall love to be human
Not like those of Superman
I shall live with the fear of nature
And carve out my own future

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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wow beautiful 5 hours ago by Bebe Cess | Reply
No one could convince So why to evince?