(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

Carved Granite

The Brick Church Road leads to Friedens
where yesterday and today
wooden carts and steel wagons,
powered by equine legs or fiery pistons,
ferry their most solemn cargo.

After the preacher’s comfort tonings
of walks through the shadowy valley
and eyes lifted to the hills,
After fresh sod flourishes
over the sealed earth,
the carved stones whisper,

“Remember our bearings and sirings,
the banners we carried,
our triumphs and stumblings.
Sound the words and tunes of our jubilant songs!
Never forget that we are you.”

April, 2007

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With excellent style of narration and it's rhyme, the reading of this poem is a pleasure. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
They may be us- -but not yet, o Lord, not yet.
Wonderful! Friedens must be the name of the graveyard. The carved granite stones in may other graveyards call out similar messages. Well done, indeed.
The bearings and strings of life! Thanks for sharing.
It is helpful to read all the comments. They open new facets of the poem to enjoy. It has many shades of meaning and changing moods. You always provide a lot to consider in your poems with your description adjectives and verbs. They are worth rereading.
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