The boy stood on the burning deck
Whence all but he had fled;
The flame that lit the battle's wreck
Shone round him o'er the dead.

by Felicia Dorothea Hemans Click to read full poem

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I love it I wish it had more impression
it is a very goog poem good poem
Add a comment.good to learn the bravery and firmness of character of a teenage boy.
I first read thispoem when I was 7 and my main response was " for heaven's sake, JUMP" . Half a century later, while I realise that the poem is meant to celebrate the child's fidelity to his father's command, I still have a similar reaction with, in addition, anger that a father should demand such obedience without teaching him that sometimes you don't wait for permission. Sometimes it's just not possible to see bravery in stupidity.
This version contains the usual error, it should be: 'And" —but the booming shots replied, ' His cries are thus dramatically interrupted. Hemans would never write 'And but', which makes no sense.
Wao what a great story
Its a very nice poem
Nice! That first stanza sure gets the attention of the reader! The boy stood on the burning deck Whence all but he had fled; The flame that lit the battle's wreck Shone round him o'er the dead. I'd begun to read this poem on another day, but I'd managed to burn what I'd been heating on the stove and had to run for it. But that first stanza stayed with me to critique it in a better frame of time. This is a top notch poem. It enjoys a great rhythm and alternately rhymed endings. and the story it tells moves along from beginning to its bitter end. I was in tears even before I got to the end. Your use of metaphor and euphemism id great. I give this one a 10+
When tragedy is written in such an easy to read way, it touches the very soul.
Those unforgettable words plunged me straightaway into the tragic story. The woman had a talent for writing stories in easy reading verseose memorable first lines plunged me straight
There came a burst of thunder sound... The boy-oh! where was he? Ask of the winds that far around With fragments strewed the sea..Amusing.
So poignant a poem.. my heart was in my mouth still hoping the brave lil boy had a miraculous escape from the raging fire and wreck.. very beautifully and sensitively depicted.. thanks for sharing
That lone post of death. Nice piece of work.
I love in deep again in our love nest the paradise 10+
Awesome poem
Awesome poem depicting equally awesome scene. Bravery and courage of the boy was unquestionable. This poem reminded me my school days. In a vernacular medium school it was in text book and our teacher Mr. Tambekar used to teach it with full dedication in a superb way. Thanks for sharing.10+++++
Unbelievable Poem... the noblest thing that perished there was that young faithful heart... No one could have penned these lines better