Cascading Air

Fragile thoughts,
emotion ebbing and flowing upon a sea of white dreams,
touches my heart
while seagulls carry the soul of poets' words into the arms of the waiting clouds.
violets and painter's brushstrokes of aqua words
cascade onto the beach where smiles still touch in afterglow solitude.
Memoirs are written in the sand
and hearts are drawn;
names etched for just a tidal moment into the frame of eternity.
Paper cups dance into the wind and hold their breath for just a moment
before the current of the tide takes them to far away places.
Empty plastic wine glasses reflect the rainbows of every possibility love could have.
Cars long gone,
violins play out their song of the soul.
Musicians run to capture the life of light before it is gone;
before the moon and the night sky cradle humanity in the arms of a silver cloud.
Fragile thoughts
create the breath of the wind through music
while we sift the warmth of the sand through our fingers,
and count the grains that fall upon our bare feet.
We marvel at the diamonds we create with our hearts;
the air cascading all around your laughter.
And we carry away found pieces of beach glass in our pockets
creating translucent wind chimes that peform a ballet in the summer rain

by Judith Vriesema

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i love your descriptions. strung together like you were collecting them while walking the beach path. on the way to the ocean's shore. poetize me. SusxGLx