Bang, bash!
Slam, crash!
Kabaam, splash!
Boom, trash!
Crack, clank,
Click, whack,
Whap, wham,
Gag, cough,
Hark, scream,

Onomatopoeia is the sound words
We use every day
In our everyday lives
That illustrate our language
With magic.

It is truly amazing what you can
Do with words like them,
Such as banging a door,
Or slamming it,
Or crashing into a pole,
Or whacking a tree,
Or something along those lines.
Onomatopoeia is amazing.

by Justin Reamer

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Wasn't the opposing team: Centerville, and wasn't the opposing pitcher Snedeker? Somehow that runs in my mind?
Just like the Bible says pride is before a crash, And a haughty spirit before stumbling. Poor, poor haughty, prideful Casey.......
Loved It :) so much it made my family cry I loved it so much that we wrote another stanza
Loved and enjoyed the poem very much
Can anyone recommend a good children’s poem with good illustrations Thank you
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