(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Cash And Carry

Logistically speaking...
The farce observed is deepening.
Two opponents on the surface,
Are hyped to run to lead.
An ailing country...
With a wounded economy!
A bailout is recommended,
To rescue with loand and credit.
As those who speak publicly...
Tell those who will vote,
How their service connected patriotism
Has them indebted.

Experience is spoken...
As a thought those voting should have.
Plus one is young and black.
Is the country ready for that?
The other is older,
With a look as if a weight is on his shoulders.

While the one selected and picked,
And giving trillions of dollars...
In a secret committment.
To handle how this 'bailout' should fit.
Is much younger than them both.
A thirty-five year old assistant secretary of the treasury.
Who is prepared to cash and carry,
And spend his way through...
While those who have invested their livelihoods,
Will never see a piece of it returned to them
To put in their pockets!
And this sham plays on!

'What are you talking about? '

Another 'kneeling' done.
To have someone unsuspected...
Carry the cash.
Pocket the funds.
Make a few public statements.
Divvy up the goods and run!
Pay attention to the process.
It will avoid the need for becoming stunned.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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