(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Cast My Shadow

Cast my shadow where I stand
Shade my eyes with soulful hand,
The sky so blue
Such joy I knew
But now I feel despair,
For those days have come and gone
But memories still linger on,
The restless breeze
That blows through trees
Will never send my prayer.

Cast my shadow far and wide
Fill the void I feel inside,
As evening falls
My hollow calls
Fall on silent ears,
My happiness shall never be
While no love or sympathy,
Horizon stark
As it grows dark
No comfort in my tears.

Cast my shadow on the ground
I know true love is rarely found,
I stand for hours
And watch the flowers
As days just come and go,
Still I wait as embers burn
Hoping that she will return,
For here I met
As sun did set
The only love I know.


Comments (3)

Andrew, this is penned so softly with each and every stanza, how you rymed each one so well... I enjoyed this as I understand what is in your heart, but mostly how well you exute yourself..... Absolutly beautifully done...
This has a lyrical feel to it like a finely woven song Again Andrew, , just wonderful expression and content within Thankyou Love duncan X
Excellent Andrew so touching, you are the king of pathos. Ann