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Cast Of Characters (I)

The Old Lady who lived in the shoe never had any
even though they cost only a penny.
You can always see her big, fat toes
no matter where it is she goes.

Little Red Riding Hood knew all about the woods.
That’s why she always wore her hood.
Every day she baked her grandmother a pie.
And once she even baked a magpie.

Lewis Carroll was never invited to tea
even though that was always his plea.
He never knew a mouse or a mad hatter.
And so, in the end, it just didn’t matter.

Captain Hook was that big, bad crook
who wrote a lot in a big, black book.
He had an awful scary look
every time he got mad and swung his hook.

Peter Pan never needed a fan
that you hold in your hand.
All he had to do was flap his wings.
What nobody else could do not even kings.

Little Red Riding Hood learned how to bake.
One day for her Grandmother a pie she did make
To take through the woods to her Grandmother’s house.
But a wolf came and stole and ate the pie. What a louse

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Well, that is a different way to look at the stories. Irene