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Cast Of Characters (Ii)

Mother Goose liked to talk.
With her children she took a walk,
Went to the country store,
Bought some candy and talked some more.

Twiddly-Dee and Twiddly-Dum were twins.
They both had the same kin.
Nobody could tell them apart
Shopping in the market or playing in the park.

Humpty Dumpty was so grumpy
Not to mention fat and lumpy
Falling off the wall like that
And making such a big splat.

The three blind mice
Weren’t very nice.
They ran up the throne
Next to their home.
The king asleep they found
And stole his golden crown.

Tom Sawyer didn’t like to paint.
Working was his one complaint.
He preferred to go for a swim
or fish with Huckleberry Finn.

The rabbit and the tortoise liked competing
Always catching the other when cheating.
One day they decided to have a race
And disappeared without a trace.

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You have some interesting verses here. Irene