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Cast Of Characters (Iii)

Snow White was not a happy girl all the time
Living with those seven dwarfs who worked in a mine.
She had to wash all the dirty clothes they wore
And couldn’t sleep nights when she heard them snore.

Winnie the Pooh didn’t wear shoes.
Being a bear he didn’t much care.
But one day he caught his foot in a snare
And that gave him a world of scare.

Little Po Peep
Had so many sheep.
In the stall she fell asleep
Counting all her sheep.

There were three little pigs who constantly fought each other.
They no longer wanted to live with one another.
So they built for themselves their own abode.
At least that’s the story I was told.

I know the story of William Tell and the arrow.
In an apple tree he wanted to shoot a sparrow.
He missed the sparrow and hit an apple instead.
It fell down and landed on William Jr’s head.

Mary Poppins didn’t know how to fly.
Well, really she didn’t even try.
Then one day when it was rainy and stormy
She opened up her umbrella and turned into a bird.

Tom Thumb fell into a Pudding Bowl.
All the while he cried who-o-o-o-ah.
He found himself coated from head to toe.
He licked his fingers and then his toes until they all showed.

Jack and Jill went up the hill to eat tortillas.
They gaggled them down and rolled back down like ballenas (whales) .
A little Spanish won’t hurt if you eat it with some agua (water) ,
But too much will make you feel like a melon de agua (watermelon) .

Cinderella was quite a hipster
Until she lost her glass slipper
And the prince took her umbrella.
That was the last she saw of that fella.

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Interesting new ways to look at these characters. Irene