Cast Upon Thee

I lit a candle
I can see
Dancing by the twilight
Circling around
Passions of burning rationality

I flight
Amongst the shadows
Of the night
Ashes of what’s become
Ashes of what was left
Flew about the wind
And me.
And there was none.

Safety with the vastness
Of the black sky
Darkness is my only guide
To where the moonchild glows; lies
Underneath the earth-sheet mud.

And I know
And I came
The flight of my sorrow
Suspended above
And I was the shadow
Covered with the dust
Of your soulless ashes
White faced
Wide eyed
You rose and descended
And forced between
The gates of eternal bliss
The broaden mist;
And all knowing
Mounted the flesh
Of the becoming

The blood on your hands
And it all came within
And repeating.
The payment of your sins
To your bloodshed and decay
I wrap you
Entwindle your laments
Sealing your breath
Consuming your light
Until you fade…
And sigh
And die.

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by Velvet Astraea Dido

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i kept reading...tell the very last word. words fail me, but I like it.