From shades of yesterday.
And those footsteps made,
Fading to be traced.
Or detoured and replaced...
For the purpose to misguide,
The young impressed...
With similar interests.

Let restricting limits go.
Boundaries set,
To grieve within them...
Is a teaching to believe,
Process expected...
For those selected to accept.

You are not alone,
To have escape that fate.
Or the only one berated.
Character assassinated,
And left ostracized.

Be you amongst the ones,
Brave not to follow...
But prove with faith,
You too can create...
Your own path.
Free of imitating...
Self-importance while awaiting,
A future...
That will allow a few,
Who may or may not approve.

Be brave.
And unafraid of those,
Choosing lives to remain...
Comfortably subservient.
With wishes to stay,
Submissive, obedient and blind.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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