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Casting Incantations
DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Casting Incantations

Poem By David Lacey

Casting incantations directed towards our abodes
The keys hide by the riverside to catch you on your own.
Some say this is reason enough to chase the crossroads home
Yet whilst we know our powers are strong we may never expect our goal.
We may never hone our skills, to our regret.
We may never bring home a kill before requesting game from the house upon the hill.

To understand is to question, to answer shows your ignorance
Don't cast your curse my way whilst sat upon the fence
Come down, Come to town, we'll each show you around they say
Still you put it off for another day, until there you are, caught out in the blue,
Sipping mountain dew with the ghost of a girl you thought you knew but were never sure.
She spoke of prohibitions; she liked to call them principles
Nevertheless a number of rules she dictated to her disciples
With which she claimed they may govern the use of divination,
By which means she claimed they may carry on healing,
Those feeling like they could never go on, feeling they'd never last long enough to rise,
To take their elders by surprise in the revealing wisdoms of a prophetic nature,
Stammering in trance at the sight of the birds mid-dance,
In catching the end of the show only half we'll ever know.

Why is it that no one told me that this is life as the days go by
This is life in which we redefine our meaning, to see clearly,
It's all we ask. Casting incantations so the time it may last.
As we grow within the static our perceptions widen, poised for conception.
Fed pity in a labor to which was born a savior, a savior fed deception
As the temple lie in ruins.

Sinking deeper into appreciation maybe we our bound to seek the keys together.
Perhaps a world apart, adorned our chests in feathers, where are we to start, the end my friend.

To believe in truth, in light as it guides us through shadows.
To will it through, to know right, to see malevolent spites pierced, strung upon the gallows?
Their bodies clustered in a fluster of anguish,
In which they are left for an eternity to languish,
As we strive onwards, the righteous, we who have been disregarded, who have suffered too long.
Is this what we are to expect from justice, a judge with no concept of right or wrong?
To believe in truth, in light as it is blinding
May lead us to accept a truth that does not exist, If just so we can resist in questioning that of which no truths can be known, That of which we have no knowledge to throw upon the flame, no knowledge
even to name what we can never describe, an eternity in leaps and bounds a future prescribed?

To know, to will, to dare, to keep still your tongue as they stare upon unruly masses of hair,
A chaotic ensemble glaring, oozing it's aura in reproduction as Flora frees her pollen for abduction.

Should we be grateful as the living heads of state awake the nightmare?
In which they expect us to share? Bloodbath, Slaughterhouse sensibilities,
Is it this that they expect of us, to don a uniform, to smile, respect and conform?
Whilst still we're chasing the eye of the storm that sulks in the darkness,
Bulking in a recess of fears, drowning in a waterfall of cascading tears.
If only they'd listen to the Rede as it says
'An it harm none, do what thou will'
Find the time to live if you've got so much time to kill
Perhaps the rule of three fold should be upheld above the law,
It would never leave the vultures of vengeance ever wanting for more.

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