Casting Out My Worries To You

I'm casting out my
To bait myself into
Changing my
Entire perspective,
My mind is filled
With petty
It's crazy!

And a tad bit
Of apathy,
So I'm lonely
In the madness,
I'm a caged
Sparrow and
Maya Angelou isn't
Here to
Rescue this forgotten
From this frigid metal

So Lord I'm casting out my
Worries to
In hopes of a blissful
Just need the guidance
From you
To recover the
Actual truth,
I use to use
To push through
The interludes
That life's cruel
Mistress love
To spew!

by Monterio Hill

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A lovely poem on the absolute trust and total submission that one needs to place in God's Hands. Faith keeps those who keep the faith - Mother Teresa. A nice piece indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.