Castle Of Miramar

One more ride in my
Before I leave New York
For Italy

Trieste is sitting proud
Paused and unnerved
With its blue waters...
My harbor of love

Some year's back
I was here with my brother
We watched the waves
Splash the Castle of Miramar

The borders we crossed
For a better life in America
While a small mountain village in Istria
Heard its goodbye

Passing the road by the river
Once more my Brother
Turned to wave
Only to see our mother cry

Our reunion distant and unsure
So we sang
'Here I come America;
My new home, here I come...'

But to return for my Brother
Was not meant to be
He died tragically young
In his new land; His home

Who would ever have thought
That we would never again sing
'Here I come... America;
Here I come...'

I revisited the Castle of Miramar
The Alps surrendered to the rain
And I listened
To submissive echoes of yesterday

Bocelli's song fills the air
Even the flowers can feel the aura of summer
But to whom am I a foreigner now...
To whom?


by Silvana Krculic

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