(04 October 1943 / Germany)


I felt so tired of the hassle,
that seemed to fall down from the sky.
That's why I built a lovely castle
of sand right on my beach nearby.

I took great care with all the towers,
the drawbridge opened on two ropes,
and all the front windows had flowers.
Crown Vetch was planted on the slopes.

And just in time for its completion
the clouds were promising some rain.
The castle's name was Holstein-Friesian,
after the one that looked the same.

Thus I got ready to move in,
and brushed the sand well off my feet.
I knocked against it with my shin.
What stared at me now was defeat.

My future home had simply caved
in to a minor kick.
And if I railed and if I raved
I would not save it, 'cause the nick
of time had surely passed.

So, would I build again?
I do not understand.
Why can't I build all by myself
a castle out of sand?

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Great imagry! Keep on pumping them out!