How many sands have you counted
Building castles near the shoreline
Which the sea washes away
Before the day is done?

Alas, you build them
Again and again
Unmindful of the winds
Raging around you;
The waves roaring over the sands,
Blasting away your dream castles

Before your hand could shape
The towers in your mind;
As if there were no winds
And rushing waves that blast
your hopes away.

by Jez C Brul

Comments (13)

Nice write. Keep on writing!
Before the day is done! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Life is fleeting and our dreams are easily washed away like sand castles built on the sea shore! A lovely poem!
Vividly conveying the literal castles and castles in the they are built again and again.10++++++
Love the line blasting away your dream castles. Well-crafted analogy. :)
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