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Castles Of Sand
(01/01/1966 / BIRMINGHAM)

Castles Of Sand


I built my life on the love all surrounding
But everything then seemed to slowly go wrong,
Without a foundation the cracks started forming
Too late for mending, the damage too strong.
I built my life more on hope than by foresight
I kept on believing whatever must be,
And battered by forces I had no protection
Castles of sand slowly washed to the sea.

I built my life on the land I thought steady
But then it did crumble right there where I stood,
And then in my weakness I felt I was sinking
No one to save me, for nobody could.
I built my life with such dreams of the future
And one full of joy lasting eternally,
But I was mistaken and now I have nothing
Castles of sand slowly washed to the sea.

I built my life on the hope of adventure
But years passed me by and I stayed in one place,
I thought I could sail on the wave tops before me
Swamped by the ocean, I sank without trace.
I built my life thinking I would be rescued
I called for so long but no one heard my plea,
Not seeming to care they just left me to drown there
Castles of sand slowly washed to the sea.

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Comments (7)

Beautifully written tragic story not as the castles of sand but as Solid statues of rock to remember about human folly and vain adventure in life! Good warning for dreams of vain glory!
Do I see You as a castle made from sand? ...NO! , , say then, A light house and from here you are shining really brightly Love duncan X
What a beautiful flowing read Andrew, I just loved the whole poem. Nothing out of place, nothing to break the perfection of this write. Delightful. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I am left thinking that at your foreshore hope will arrive and you will find new meaning in the castles you sculpt... 10 for what you have already placed down here now
Well expressed-hope the subject of the poem will find a solid rock and build a new and lasting legacy-where there is life and breath, there is hope.