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Castlevania Ii: Simon's Quest

Some people didn't like it, it's a game that certain people detest.
I'm talking about the N E S game 'Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest'
I bought this game in 1989 on the last day of June.
I bought it 30 years ago today in the evening or late afternoon.
It's a game where you must discover things and go exploring.
Some people say it sucks but those are the ones I'm ignoring.
You have to go in castles and collect Dracula's body parts.
You have to collect his nail, eyeball, rib, ring and his heart.
You collect Dracula's body parts in order to kill him.
Certain people hate this game but I think it is a gem.
Before playing other Castlevania games, I played this one first.
Out of all of the Castlevania's made, it certainly isn't the worst.

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