Sitting Pretty

Little girls are sitting so pretty
Waiting for the parade to start
You can see they’re so excited
That it surely flutters their heart

It’s so fun to see all of the folks
Riding in the vintage cars
We’ll have the celebration
Even late under the stars

For you see we wait all year
For our Yukon parade
Folks are all decked out
And precious memories are made!

by Marilyn Lott

Comments (5)

So personable, Vincent, touching and well scored. -Tailor B.
One of those stories where truth is more painful than fiction...I like the succinct 'surprise' ending. It reminds that there were many civilian 'casualties' like your Nan after the War, when many marriages broke up, between men who had lived a heightened life of danger, bravery and romance, and their patient wives...poignant and effective, Vincent. Thank you for a glimpse of life's deeps.
Hi Vincent, I think it could go either way. It's a wonderful poem, no doubt about it. When you say ''There are many types of a casualty of war'' it makes me think he either died or became crazy due to the war. Yeah, your last bit does explain it and stops the readers mind from wondering. Adds a bitterness to it. Honestly, I like the wondering......... Sincerely, Mary
Seen your comment in the forum, Vincey (Jamesy?) . IMO the poem does need the final explanatory stanzas, although perhaps less literally and straightforwardly. It is, of course, a solid piece of writing as it is. Gina.
Nice poem. Well written. Thank you.