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Come stalking, come stalking,
my pristine and perfect Cat.
Come sly, silent, and with deadly intention,
to kill with a cool, breath-taking invention.
My diabolic and quixotical Cat!

Come stalking, come stalking,
my proud and imperious Cat.
Whose sleek, solitary, yet sensual existence,
so enjoys her intense tit-for-tat persistence,
to toy with the tortured rat!

Come stalking, come stalking,
my vain and inviolate Cat.
My immune and disdainful Cat!
In her predatory crimes,
(though she's fed all the time) ,
she's the terrorist trained as a diplomat!

Come stalking, come stalking,
my aloof and impervious Cat.
My mysterious and murderous Cat!
Though her manoeuvres in law
are a legal cats-paw,
she still sprawls on the roof of the caveat.

Come stalking, come stalking,
my lordly, near insolent Cat.
My miraculous and mythical Cat!
Whose mystique and idolatry
is the elegant exemplary
of stealth and lethal fiat.

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Comments (6)

A lovely interesting poem.
I had to read this poem because my friend found it and wondered if it was about me lol. It was a lovely poem, very well written. -Cat
love it! Love It! LOVE IT! i love cats as this title jumped out at me. Added to my faves. Liz. P.S: If you like cats, check my 2 cat poems '3 spoilt cats' and 'Twarted tiger' both are funny.
i love cats, this reminds me of the very well
I love cat poems, this is good.
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