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i remember being loved.
exchanging butterflies in our stomachs
through open lips.
i swallowed his butterflies
and he swallowed mine.
i knew it was love
when with each exchange,
the butterflies doubled in size
until my stomach couldn't hold them
i remember being wanted.
his hips never left my hips,
lips never left my lips.
clothes never stayed on
for longer than five minutes.
i knew it was lust
when he could call my name
from a million miles away,
and i'd be there in a
i remember being broken.
screaming at the moon,
down on my kness.
why did you leave me?
are you ever coming back?
i knew it was over
when she came along
with her needle and thread.
mended the seams of his heart,
the heart i ripped
to shreds.

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A lovely interesting poem.
I had to read this poem because my friend found it and wondered if it was about me lol. It was a lovely poem, very well written. -Cat
love it! Love It! LOVE IT! i love cats as this title jumped out at me. Added to my faves. Liz. P.S: If you like cats, check my 2 cat poems '3 spoilt cats' and 'Twarted tiger' both are funny.
i love cats, this reminds me of the very well
I love cat poems, this is good.
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