Cat Among The Chickens

Through ocean of feathers,
The murder would be soundless,

by Nick Hilton Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

Murderers are always sneaky, silent and self motivated. Wonderfully presented poem. Enjoyed
That cat had to have drugged those chickens first! ! ! The neighbor's chickens squawk in panic when a sparrow lights on the fence.
'The murder will be soundless'; with the ways of mankind today. Thanks for sharing.
Impressive poem! Somehow, cannot escape metaphorical meaning, though people's cats may not be easy recognizable.
Well penned.. I could clearly visualize the silent furry murderer, soundlessly landing on the prey and dragging the hen from pen.. but I do love Cats, they are quite charismatic.. thanks for sharing
Most skillful operation murder ca rried out by the cat among chickens, thus, the cat is adorable for that skill. Very beautiful poem. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Nick, Greetings from Bombay. I am glad that you liked my poem on the Sattal Lake. I very much value your comments, particularly after I read two of your poems for first time (The Saddest Chicken and 2 Chickens) and this one. I am very happy that I have discovered you on poemhunter. In the next few days, I will look forward to reading and enjoying ALL your poems. You are an excellent poet and have a tremendous sense of humour. Best regards.- Prakash Yardi from Bombay