Cat Among The Pigeons

Poem By Herbert Nehrlich

An alley cat with scruffy hair
got into the old pigeon house.
And all it wanted was its share
of pigeon meat, because a mouse
was such a bore and pretty small
variety, the spice of life
would play, exceedingly, a role
for this gray cat and for his wife.
The pigeons flew in all directions
some crashed like Kamakazi fliers
the cat cleaned up the closest section
and then returned to the home fires.
Revenge was planned by all the birds
as word got 'round about the raid
it was decided that with words
one could not sway a cat who made
these trips to be a connoisseur.
So they enlisted Mr. Eagle
who was so strong that they were sure,
that with some luck they could sweneagle
a devastating end for cats
so fifteen small birds were procured
from within ranks of ugly bats
whose parents had been well assured
that their excursion would be fun,
of course they were the Eagle's fee
when he would fly in with the sun
to maim and kill and set them free.

That's how it went, the eagle came
swooped down from lofty heights at speed
and knocked not only out his frame
but heart and lungs which cat did need
The end of cat was rather swift
he never did another raid
the eagle got his batty gift
and pigeons were no more afraid.
But on the Monday of that week
there was a storm, it seems, severe,
the cat's own spouse, just like a freak
killed all of them, oh dear oh dear.

Comments about Cat Among The Pigeons

Cat here was like a frog in the mouth of a snake trying to catch a fly.
sthilubl, I gve this 30/10
Herbert this is fantistic this is my kind of humor, I am going to download it if I can and put it among my all time great poetry, to me it's a masterpiece through and through., the best of the best.

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