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Cat Extra Feed

Kitty cat (both feed and cat) is harmless as a door welcome mat,
Just can't discern you or call your right courageous name,
Perhaps you're dangerous and a mighty mouse killer?
Sniffing out for ages rat and mouse, bug and fly feline famous dread?
Can't you see I'm fed offhand, read to fairy tales of Mouse Mickey Mad
Slapped buttocks to forget to stake my ground, piss on chairs and in shoe,
To let the mighty pest to smash me into jigsaw puzzle blue,
Chronicle sledgehammer mouse-utter much should
l remind my jaws and claws to simply draw them out,
To just tickle gently you my old imprudent friend, before
I eat you instead of Kitty Kitty plastic feed and welcome mouse mat,
I'm sure it would be a stray jungle street feline
That extra urgently called in to prove my life and true poetic line
So let me have a dreamless pleasant nap, my mouse harmless feed and friend

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