Meeting Mrs Woolgar

You can come swim
at our place,
Hadley said,
my mother likes me
having friends home
for a swim and tea.

Ok, that'd
be good,
I said.

So I went along
after school
with my swimwear
and told my mother
where I was going.

Hadley and I
went to his house;
it was quite a place,
set back from the road,
and at the back
through French windows
was this swimming pool,
and over by
the far end
was his mother,
Mrs Woolgar.

She was blonde,
wearing orange swimwear.

Hello, you must be Benny,
welcome to our pool,
she said
smiling at me.

Hi, yes I am,
I said shyly.

Hadley went off
to get changed.

Come sit here
by me a moment,
she said.

So I went over
to where she was
lounging on some chair.

You like swimming?
She said.

Yes although I'm not
too good a swimmer,
I said.

She smiled.
Practise makes perfect,
she said,
bit like kissing and stuff,
takes practise to perfect.

I said nothing
just looked at her
in her orange costume,
lounging there.

She was quite
well endowed
and more sexier
than any woman I'd met.

Go get changed
into your swimwear,
she said,
and come back
and have a swim.

So I went off
to where Hadley was
and changed
into my swimwear.

What you think
of my mother?
He said.

She's good,
I said, pretty lady,
(couldn't tell him
I thought she was a cracker) .

She's ok,
he said.

After we changed,
we went down,
and she was in
the water of the pool
swimming around.

Come on in boys
the water's lovely
and warm.

So we got in,
Hadley diving in,
me climbing in
from the side
like some kid
stepping into water
for the first time.

Can I help you
swim better?
she said.

She swam
towards me.

I said,
sure why not.

She lifted me over
the the water
and held me up.

Now flap
your legs some,
she said.

So I did,
and sensed her hands
holding me
as I flapped there.

Hadley was up
at the deeper end

That better?
she said,
her hands were
under my stomach
balancing me.

Yes, that's fine,
I said.

How about this?
She said,
her hands
were moving
further apart,
and I was still
flapping my legs.

Her hand touched
me elsewhere.

That all right?
She said.

I murmured words.

I was swimming
after a fashion
like I hadn't before.

She let me go
and I swam
a few paces,
then turned around
and swam towards
her again.

She smiled,
you may need
private lessons
to really improve,
she said,
why not come around
when Hadley has
his football training?

I looked over at Hadley
who was swimming
quite happily.

Yes that'd be good,
I said.

She smiled more,
yes it will be.

She swam off
to the other end
and climbed out
of the pool
and stood on the side,
and said:
you boys enjoy
your swim,
I'm going to shower,
and off she walked.

What do you
think Benny?
Hadley said,
she is a real help
for new swimmers,

Yes she sure is,
I said,
going warm
and red.

by Terry Collett

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Hahahahaha...this one is cute. I don't know if you can really catch the cat...after it's out of the bag...but cute poem anyway! Hugs, Dee