SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)

Cat & I

There we sat
Just me and the cat,
Upon a bench overlooking the river Thames,
The cat turned to me
And said, I believe I see
Some approaching cranes.
To the cat with eyes
Always looking rather wise,
I smiled and replied thus,
Is the crane afloat
Aboard a wayward boat
Or arriving atop a bus?
The cat and I
Both did sigh,
For we had come to understand,
Never could we see things quite the same
Life as serious or life as game
For she is a cat and I a man.
So now on the bench she and I continue to sit
Without expressing thoughts one bit,
And thus it shall remain until one or the other does die,
When arrives that lonely day
So long pal will be the only words to say
A simple understanding between intimate friends... the cat and I.

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Smoky you have outdone yourself. Love this piece.
The more intelligent of the two Is the cat and this I must confide His eyes are more focused and true While ours often take us for a ride.................. Great poem of yours Sir and I invite you to my page for your valuable comments
I love this poem. Will add it to my favorite poem list!
So very moving....I loved this poem....and I love my cat too......along with my dog....who are my lifelong friends....
This is a wonderful poem with an amazing metric underlying it.
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