Cat Lover

The white one purred and was soft.
We gave it a name.
Got hit by a car.
We buried it in back.

by Michael Philips Click to read full poem

Comments (8)

Purrrty cute here. :) Your kitties' scratch the surfaces of thoughtful reflections. Enjoyed the multi-pac of diverse emotions in this read. :)
Funny. That's a lot of what my cat does. Although, she walks arounds and meows instead of purring... loudly, very loudly.
I like the simplicity of this piece and your details were flawless.
yes, after 45 years of animals, this is just about the size of it.
That sums it up I reckon. We love our pets so much, but they can be replaced. Wonderfully set out Micheal.
I love cats! They seem like both spiritual and literary animals.
the subtle humour in this is priceless. this was a joy to read. Jake
It almost seems like you're anticipating the end for the black one too..........this is why I like dogs it's much easier to 'keep' them. :) Nice poem Michael. Sincerely, Mary