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Cat Nap
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Cat Nap

There is a quiet place I know.
where in the spring shy violets grow.
A peaceful place where I will find
I’ve left my troubles all behind.
Though it was built on long ago
When I am troubled I still go.
Back to that spot I still know where.
A single thought will take me there
and once again I find release
I sit and muse in perfect peace.
There all my troubles disappear.
Though I am there I am still here.
You think perhaps that I’m asleep
There are some secrets one must keep.

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Comments (4)

Hi Ivor! A poet needs a quiet place, to give his mind an empty space, or his verses may erase, a thing that would be hard to face! Thad *10 *! ! ! !
i can feel; i can picture; i can think; the true beauty of this poem.
For years I've tried to explain to my wife how cat naps come along with a poetic license. She tolerates but believes in neither. 'Resting my eyes' is another secret one must keep. A poets's mind's eye is never resting. Tom
A lovely poem with a twist of humor. I enjoyed it very much.