(July 19 1983 / )

Cat Nap Dreams Of You 2

Still feeling so very tired dear
and plagued by much anxieties, stresses, and fears
I laid down to sleep a bit and lighten
up all the burden that they put,
I laid down to take a nap and dreamed
of you my only one.
I dreamed of you my beautiful one
and all the light you bring.
I dreamed of beautiful you my sweet girl
to help beautify and lighten my heart,
soul, and entire world.

I dreamed of you so brightly
and happily smiling as we snuggled so very close
and we sweetly kissed.
I dreamt of spending time as we just talked along,
all that really matters is that I dreamt of you
and even though those stresses and worries
are still there to be resolved
they are lighter and I feel better because of you.
I can feel all of your loving strength
with your hugs and kisses here,
I just want to say thank you babe and I love you so very dear.
You truly are my only one and everything to me,
Kira I love you so very much you are the worlds beauty
and all my hopes and dreams.
I love you so very much I just want you to know how much you mean.

by Michael P. McParland

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