CCA (11/22/48 / Ft. Lauderdale Florida)


My stepfather brought a present for me
I saw the lid moving I wanted to see
Inside a kitten of Siamese decent
Wanting a kitten mother gave her consent

Rats-killer I named him this is why
He’d carry rats inside onto a chair I’d fly
Sneaky little guy and smart as a whip
Problem for him was me he never outwit

A master with the felines seeking in the night
Fighting defending male prowess his plight
Walking from school I found a hurt quail
Fixing its wing so again he might sail

Months passed as he befriended the bird
I should’ve known that was absurd!
Guarding the quail thru its stormy weather
Here he is with a mouth full of feathers

Outsmarted by him for the first time
Fattening the bird up so he might dine
Trying to use his prowess to flatter
The cat live that’s all that matters!

Copyright ©2005 Carole Cookie Arnold

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a lovely poem innocent the childhood memory seeping from the heart into the present time made to unravel its mysteries into a wonderful poem