LEB (08/04/09 / Dublin, Ireland)

Cat On The Roof

Fleet as wind, she slenderly navigates the
early morning world. A world unseen to the
sleepers, tinned skies distilling the blue of
the west, the yellowing east.

Her eyes are liquid black slits, binocular-like
and always moving. No sound betrays her tiny
presence, skulking over the shed roof.
A hunt at dawn seemed best.

Her watery amble is a river of black silk.
The wiry frame perfected over millennia.
I imagine her, proudly perched next to
some gilded pharaoh,

Her all knowing persona guarded by the
lack of speech, a carnivorous genius.
She sees a mid-shaded morning, her
flexing lens calculating effortlessly.

The hunt is on..

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Comments (4)

im impressed by your way with words.keep it up hey and please check mine out
a clever write is expressed in a beautiful poem.. makes a cat the subject of masterpiece..nicely done..grace
an original and fresh description of the cat...
good poem you have described the cat so well