Head Games

Poem By Taylor Watts

There was a big feline named Dancer
Who asked her mate for an answer.
How do you titillate an ocelot?
Why you just oscillate its titalot.
Now that you tell me I see that it’s true
How so much knowledge you could accrue
That is another thing I wish that I knew.
The more education you have the less you know
And another piece of information I could throw
Is that all this knowledge just makes me sadder
Now I realize it’s just mind over matter.
Which only means that if you don’t mind it don’t matter.

Comments about Head Games

I like the imagery and the wordage but I think I must be reading it wrong as I seemed somehow to loose the rhythm and metre after the half way point. WHat am I not seeing?
I like the part about education about the most...specialization in something means probably knowing more and more about less and less...
Fun to read and re-read. I bet it was fun to write this kitty-ditty.
Really funny and o so true...
A lovely poem, that makes lighthearted, the heaviness of knowledge.

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