CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

Cat Speak

Crisp chill wraps round tired bones,
not much in way of movement, of any
kind, except chattering teeth,
intermitent, white puffs collide with
all to early morning air, crunch, noise
of snow under foot, catch's your
attention, ears twitch, focus on my approach.
On the same frequency we connect, you at ease
we say hello, in the middle of this dimly
light street, soft marmalade cat, extremly
affectionate, we share carresess, nuzzles
exchanging warmth.
Talking your lingo, you surprisingly jump
up into my arms as I walk your cold metal
Id tags jingle, stop to aquire as to where
you might be from, oh only a block away
you ride on my shoulders sensing
familiarity as I set you down on your front
porch, at fifteen past three in the morning
try to leave, you wan to follow, but I let you
know you should stay near your home on this
frigid morn in febuary, take care ryan the
marmalade cat from winslow street.

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