_kill The Pain_

I need a way
To kill this pain
Burn away
Feel the rain
I need a plan
To end this life
So sick and tired
Of this blood stained knife
With every cut
I feel it coming alive
And with every cut
I feel a little more dead inside
These voices that I hear
In my head
Try to convince me
That I'm already dead
But I'm not giving into them
No, I'm not
I'm just trying to end these thoughts

by _Monique_ _Gaitan_

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Cats are always full of majesty
loved this poem.almost makes me feel sorry for the cat, being treated as a pet, yet remembering it´s noble heritage
A wonderful poem to read aloud. My child understood it immediately. The cat seemed to be paying close attention too....
Do cats dream of lions, And shirts dream of irons? Do cats dream of leopards, And sheep dream of shepherds?