DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)


A lonely soul, with copper-coloured hair.
A ghostly figure, with skin so fair.
Yet along came you to unfreeze his heart,
and now, a transformation, about to start.

Life lacking energy, life lacking fire,
life lacking substance, devoid of desire.
But along came you, and your box ‘o tricks,
and added yourself to the concrete mix.

A simple kiss ignites passion within him,
awakening that dormant volcano of love.
The brush of your touch electrifies the skin beneath your fingertips, sending sparks coursing through him.
Your voice meeting his ears races to his heart and
blows it apart quicker than a petrol trail taking light.

You pour yourself into him, sexual tension bubbling and boiling.
As you writhe wildly together, the chemicals between you kicking into force, you compound every element of eroticism,
and come together, as one, to form your own.
The consequence of the meeting of these two volatile forces is
a loud and powerful explosion.
Faces register relief, exhaustion and a brief comprehension of the reaction that has just taken place inside you both.

You came along, and changed everything in his soul.
You were the part keeping him from being truly whole.
Because of you, he sees what he missed.
You, my baby, were that catalyst.

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