A Space Of Mind

In the stillness of the afternoon, melodies are emitted into the space of my mind, wandering about, enjoying tones and rhythms, penetrating thoughts, filling them with prose taken in from every note and beat being played.
Carrying me to another level in life, giving me hope in tomorrow.
TW's Blues Attitude Band sets me down on straightened paths of enlightenment, taking me to new heights of interior rhythms.
A pleasant experience on a hot summer, Arizona afternoon.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (4)

Needs a colon, dash, or ellipsis marks at the end so Catatonic does not float alone, with a pause that delays the puning punchline. I share an addiction for irony.
Worth twice the 10 I was able to give you, sidi. I have read your Is a Mullet a Fish? . thought it was excellent too, thanx
That's probably the most upside cleverly-ironic thing I've ever read.
i love t his poem sidi.