Catch A Falling Star

In the 1950’s Perry Como used to sing
about catching a falling star.
I caught mine many years ago
and at my side, she still is today.
The brightness never diminished
no matter how the years have been long,
nor has it silence, loves old sweet song.
Troubles we have had many
and more I am sure will come,
but we will get through them as we always do,
even through the years to come.
I guess love just happens that way,
and I will never say I am sorry
for ever feeling that way.

by David Harris

Comments (5)

Your a rare find to be such in love through 35 years of others hope that it can be done: O)
So sweet. That was wonderful and romantic.
Tender loving and a pure devotion to your mate.
Nice Loving poem tonight David..10
And you put it in your pocket and never let it how the song goes....My Mom played that record still when we were growing up and I remember it...In this case You put Vera in your heart [the pocket] and kept your prize...This is a beautiful tribute to her...I'm thankful the site let me in long enough to not miss this, marci.xo