Catch A Falling Star

Catch a falling star
Put it in a jar
Came from outer space
At such a frenzied pace
Meteors have names
When they land on earth
But high up in the sky
We wish as they go by

Catch a falling star
When it reaches earth
Now that it has landed
And not too hot to hold
Now it's just a lump of rock
Before it travelled far
But for a brief time in flight
It held you in a spell at night

Catch a falling star
Catch it in your heart
In the sky it fast went by
Falling from heaven to earth
As it finally makes its way
Across your sky at night
Ending here on earth
After its cosmic flight

Caught a falling star
Found it in my heart
With such fleeting beauty
Before it did depart
Now there is a pathway
Wasn’t there before
Where that star was shining
Before it reached the floor.

by David Taylor

Comments (3)

'Catch a Falling Star and Put it in your Pocket. Never Let it Fade Away....' an old song that came to me out of nowhere upon reading this. Suffice it to say, that I love stars and the feeling they provoke.I think anyone who reads me knows that by now. Love this David in so many ways and more, for it touches ones soul and heart. love, marci.xo :)
A seriously stylish piece D. It warrants a second reading. t x
Amazing poem David... it all said above loving someone from the start when she beautiful as the star, till now that she has aged loving her still is something great! Thanks for shairing. worth the 10.