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Catch Me, Hold Me

Slowly, as if time was coming to a stop, I can feel myself fade away,
I can feel your grip falter slightly, I’m begging you to stay,
Every second, every minute I want to feel you, every hour, every day,
But you don’t listen, you let me fall further and further astray.

I don’t blame you, I don’t judge you, but merely love you,
So much, that everything you say, everything you think and do,
Can’t make me mad, not even in the slightest, my feelings stay true,
And now that I’m falling away, the only thing that I wish, is that you knew.

Secrets I have kept from you, my dear, were hidden by my fright,
But as they say, there’s no courage without fear, so I will fight,
I will keep struggling until we’re back together and you hold me tight,
And in the end, telling you, I might.

But I tried and tried, but I can’t get back up, holding me down is my fear,
I screamed my secrets out to you, but I’m too far down for you to hear,
Despair takes over me, water crosses my cold cheek, a single tear,
I realize that I can’t just reappear.

I need your help, your arms to catch me in the end,
And even if you don’t agree with my feelings, safe me as a friend,
Because I know that all alone, I can’t ascend,
Hold me in your arms, it is on you that I depend.

A/N: don't worry, I'm not depressed. just putting myself in the mind of someone who is dependent of someone else.... =) xx

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sweeeeetttt very sweet one...loved it 10/10.. well done