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Catch The Shadow
PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

Catch The Shadow

Poem By Prasetya Utama

I crawl through the back door
Catch the shadows
Wake up from my depression to hear the gamelan sounds
Flute, drum, ending,
Saw the puppets shadows
Which able to open the spirit traveling
Behind the suffering of meal
From the historical stage of man

When I went home, my father were angry
And my father ask why I saw the puppet shadows
Through the back door
Like a thief
I shut my mouth, no answer
When I answer this question, am not polite and get angrier
I recognize, it is dangerous to left the door
Left the door unlocked
But the God could came like the thief
Through the back door which unlocked
Or the locked in front of the door

At that time, I really did not know
Why my father always looking me
When I saw the puppets shadows
Although I crawled into the mass
My father always found me
In addition, ask me to go home
In the middle of the show
And then to live over my worry
Leave some question, what kind of the end of the story
To echo in my ear and to pound on
In my hearth wall
Then flow and crawled in my blood
To the whole my body
Became my life story
And leave the big question who always
Remainder me

Every step in my life
Always remained me to the sound
Of gamelan music where
Fluid, drum and xylophone like
Become dreams
In my slept

Until my life regarding
To pursue the shadows

Prasetya Utama
Bogor, Friday, January 13,2006

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well, sometimes life is like the sound of gamelan...............very enchanting. bagus sekali puisinya pak.