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Caterpllar Welcomes John Mccornack
( / Yukon, Oklahoma)

Caterpllar Welcomes John Mccornack

By the shores of old Pee-o-ree,
Mule and rider stopping, resting.
Mule deciding 'gainst going onward...
Dying from the weight, McCornack's.

Standing on the corpse (not trust-ee) ,
Spying fact'ry by the river,
Seeing rainbow framing jobsight;
Jobsight for the man-McCornack.

Walking up to Caterpill-er,
(Twas in days 'fore scabs and strikers)
Marching through the gateway eas'ly;
Bound for work and pay-McCornack.

Here he's stayed for seven and thir-tee
Wearing cloaks of many colors.
Praised as leader, skilled and daring...
Engineer on staff-McCornack.

Presented at my Caterpillar Retirement Party

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