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Cathedral Close For Friend Ben Gieske
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Cathedral Close For Friend Ben Gieske

When night falls on Cathedral Close.
The square is thronged by quiet ghosts
Who line the square on every side
their graves left empty yawning wide.

What is it that they hope to find?
Some salve to give them peace of mind
Why do they stand in silent ranks?
and seek to clear their memory banks.

The sins which will not let them sleep
the guilty secrets which they keep,
weigh on the conscience heavily.
and won’t be rid of easily.

When twilight falls the dead arise.
Each from the grave he occupies
and gather in Cathedral Close.
They seek forgiveness I suppose.

When morning breaks they flee in fright
they fear the coming of the light.
Cathedral close lit by the sun
is quite empty the ghosts have gone.

Back to their graves where they must wait
and in the darkness meditate.
Upon the sins they won’t confess
In agonising sleeplessness.

If only they would realise
within themselves forgiveness lies.
They do not need to stand in rows
When night falls on Cathedral Close.

Triumphantly they could take flight
and wing their way towards the light.
They should have done so long ago
. But guilt refused to let them go.

Why do they stay when they are free
to me it is a mystery
Why do they haunt Cathedral close?
They know no better I suppose.

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Comments (2)

Curious and curiouser. Ivor I hope you dont mind but I've come up with something else to add to your great piece. The first thing I'd want to know is whether they had a lousy childhood and what their parent did before they had them? They sound as touchy as hell but are they trying to communicate to a present or absent audience? Kind regards Aine .
A an excellent write Ivor, as comes from such a great poet as you are! *10*! ! Thad