(26 DEC 1943 / Wyandotte MI)

Cathedrals Of Bling

The Gods are money sound these days.
and priests have marketing degrees -
The faithful, called to worship
by giant plasma screens,
flock to shopping cathedrals –
seeking salvation through merchandising.

At the Church of Holy Consumption
all denominations are welcome –
hundreds, twenties, tens.
All the hymns are sung by Muzak,
The readings daily specials.

A sister offers a spray of holy essence
(The bottle's 40 bucks an ounce) .
Leave your offerings at the till -
major credit cards accepted.

As the worship service's end
sign the dollar across your chest
while a celebrant's talking head
coos soothing benedictions,
“Go in Peace, my child. You’re worth it.”

January, 2007

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Despite all the reforms throughout the ages, it seems like nothing really changes. The market place is not the only thing that is ruled by big money. I like the way you weave your humourous streak through this chosen topic. In America quantity too often gobbles up quality.
I think (unfairly) of LA's Crystal Cathedral... but it's a metaphor for the Entertainment Church. I do like the intro. LRH
It's all good. Mammon is cool, isn't he? Seriously - this eloquent poem addresses the root of the destruction of civilisation in our time. We aren't the richest nation in the world - we're the most indebted. Not every poem has to be upbeat. Sometimes, the truth - with a larding of satire - will do. - Will
An excellent write, Sir Robert! well, what can i say? i am very proud of you..And i agree all that were said here below..Thanks for sharing...
Amazing! ! And, I'll say it again...amazing! ! ! The Bulgarian judge holds up a 100! I had to quit laughing to write this! Now, what can you do with Jesse Duplantis? I went to high school with him...and what you see on t.v. is a revised and edited Jesse! Sacrilige! and worthy of all the praise this can get! GREAT write! ! ! xxElysabeth
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