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Can a cat catch cold? Certain cats certainly can. Clumsy cats can. Can a cow chew their cud? Cows can certainly chew the cud. Can a cowardly crow caw? A cat can’t cow or cackle like a chicken or cock. Cowardly crows can caw but not cluck like a chicken can. A cheetah is a cunning cat and certainly can catch cold, a crow, cunning cats and certain canines. Call a cat and the cat comes. The cat circles, curls and canoodles. Cheetahs can’t canoodle.

As the cock crowed, a cunning cat climbed into a cave, crawled, circled and calmly curled in a close-knit clump.

A cunning cat could catch a causal crow by chance. It’s a cinch the crow can’t crawl like a cunning cat or catch a causal cat by chance.

Did Cinderella have a chubby cat by chance who cleaned his classic coat of clinging Cinderella cinders?

Cats can climb clocks and cling to curtains, clinging by their claws, clutch a cool cucumber and cleverly claw a cloud just by chance.

The cunning cat crept along the crevice in the cave to catch a certain creeping crunchy crawler which crossed a crevice in the cavern as the cat used its craft to catch the careless creature. The cat ceased its chase as the crawling creature creeped into its chamber in the cave. The cat was too clumpy to climb into the chamber and the chance to capture the creepy creature was cancelled. The cat was cheated he chimed with a clatter.

It’s a cinch any common cat can catch a chick that chirps and cheeps, not by chance. A cat of creamy color is content to circle a candle or a camp fire and then camp in a cozy corner or cupboard. A country cat has no covers and can catch a chill and certainly can catch a crab, a clam or a croaking creature in the creek or along a canal. A cobra can catch a cat. A church cat is comforter in a cradle or crib. It craves a cup of cream and crispy crumbs of cake. A cheetah can’t catch a California condor but can capture a crazy coyote who can catch a cat who can catch a catfish or a chick who can catch a cricket who can consume corn from the cool corn crib. A cactus can’t be cool. A clean cafe cat can climb the cupboards, chase cars, and claw coconuts. A cabby cat calls a cab, and not a car or camper, climbs in and then cuddles in the cabby’s lap in a circle. Calypso cats and Cajun cats in cahoots can’t catch cockroaches., A calabash cat in its callaboose can’t count cubic cubes or calculate calculas. A Caesar cat camps in a cell in its camouflaged cage. A Calvary cat crossed the creek and crouched under the cross of Christ, condemned and crucified as a criminal. A Campanile cat climbs closer and closer to clanging clappers. You can’t catch a cat in a cell close to cacophony. A Caledonia cat can’t count, calculate, or calibrate but can climb on to a camel.

Did you ever see cats clawing clay checkers on a checkered carpet?

A cat can be charming if it climbs into a clean child’s lap, circles and curls into a chubby comfy combination.

If you make it this far, please tell me if this is a poem. Thanks

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Our cat, Zoe does what he can to make the world a better place. Everything is unusual about Zoe. We thought he was a girl, hence the name. I took Zoe to the vet to get to have her presumed 'she -ness' canceled out and got a surprise. I went to my wife's office and told her, 'I've got good news and bad news, first the good news, Zoe will not be needing a hysterectomy.' Zoe helps us with communication by doing news coverage. He also kindly covers the bills for us or anything that is diverting attention from his royal grayness. He saved a dog's life twice by rousing my wife from resting on the couch and leading her to the door to see the ignorant cur dangling by the neck over our fence after a nearly successful attempt to leap over it. I once saw a cat eating spaghetti in the Roman Coliseum. Always remember, dogs have masters, cats have staff.