And Then Came April

And then came April and I saw
Darkened clouds and sunny days,
Fruit rich trees and greening fields
Cattle trodding dusty ways;

And then upon an April morn
Heard a cuckoo in the glade,
A restive wind on waters' edge
Blooms waltzing in dappled shade;

And then came in an April noon
Yellow sun and humid air,
My brow laden with sweat and grime
Long days steeped in work and care.

And then the April dusk relayed
Venus of a longing plea,
To balm my wearied lovelorn soul
And bless it with blithesome glee.

And then that April nocturne long
Of harvest moon staring pale,
A moping owl begging the night
For lullabies to regale.

And then I knew it will depart
With spring inside its bower,
It bid me a sweet farewell with
A spry and blushful shower.

by Amar Agarwala

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Nancy and I are both cat people. We have 5; all distinct personalities, all loved.
Miss her? Me? The tough guy? Not likely.....: -)) Thanks Chrissie H
She sounds like mine whose life's mission was to make my labrador's existence, miserable. I suspect you'll miss your little Lucy. Good wishes Chrissie