Your Kiss

Your kiss, so sweet, so tender.
Your kiss that makes my heart swell.
Your kiss that drives me into unknown passion.
Your kiss that makes my stomach flutter.
Your kiss that makes me know I'm loved by you.
Your kiss that is unhesitant to be bestowed upon me.
Your kiss that sends me into a poetic bliss.

by Lora Seger

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boooooo i do not like cats either, they scare me with their eyes. Arsiema, its such a pleasure to come back and read your poems. This is so well written, its kinda funny, i guess laziness does pay...but then you have to become a cat for that: P Preets
Dear Arsi, This is a nice poem beleive me. Politely offensive to them, but It describes most home cats right. And I agree with you. Better to keep em at arm's length. Cheers.
Congratulations on a fine well-crafted poem, Arsiema, but aren't you being a little unfair to our furry feline friends? Cats are so dignified, affectionate, and independent, not like your fawning, undignified average dog. I'm sure you must love them really :)
and do they spit! ! ! ...bitchy would have been a better name for