Burnt trees are extinct bird skeletons.
The shallow monuments hold Earth fire
below noon. We rise into the zenith as
stars fall below us.

Pale planet lost in Capricorn. Twist into
Heavens doorway with a delicate sea.

Lifes full savior, trim the night and ease
us into the morning.

Now is thoughtless, suffers the past and
answers the stranger. No waiting for
Summer. Picture the insane.

by Chad Allen Wright

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Connie, It is a common mistake - - - people think that they own cats ! People can only reside with cats. Training cats is not really possible, but - - - they will humor humans if they must... to keep the peace. And everybody knows, that only dogs can fly ! B.V.A.
Your imagination was also flying. Reading this poem was a lovely experience. Thanks for the flight. Cute cat, too!
I hope you got a 'Cat Flap' in the door? Connie how many cats you got flying around your place? sounds like fun anyways..I like Fun poems...good one Dave